Dare to Dream is an entrepreneurship program that provides emerging business owners coaching and mentorship from subject matter experts.
G3 Community Services believes that economic development and  community development go hand in hand. Starting a business can be a daunting task for aspiring business leaders. Dare to Dream helps participants find a path by establishing best practices to successfully identify opportunities, gather resources, and execute their vision. 
Our program is designed to provide coaching and guidance to individuals ready to start their business and/or non-profit organization. To achieve this, participants in the program hold regular meetings experienced mentors, complete tasks and projects according to an agreed upon timeline, and experience the day to day operations of business professionals.
Want to connect with one of our staff members to learn more about Dare to Dream? Inquiries can me sent to info@g3cs.org
G3 Gradient

Mr. Johnnie Walker, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel as of April 2019, is in the process of starting his own business – an intelligence and database analysis company. As a participant in the Dare to Dream program, Mr. Walker has had the opportunity to experience first hand the operations and processes of a successful veteran-owned cybersecurity & IT company. Dare to Dream affords participants mentorship and guidance from local business owners, and Mr. Walker is well on his way to adding himself to the list of successful business owners in Stafford County, VA.