January 2019 Newsletter

From our Founder:

“Change is often met with mixed emotions. Progress though, is almost always met with hope and optimism. As we move forward in 2019, we at G3CS are full of both. There are so many new challenges and opportunities awaiting us in 2019. There is so much optimism and hope for you as well. Of course we can’t do it alone, and that’s exactly how we believe true progress happens. Together. All of us. Giving and contributing where we can. Thank you for reading our newsletter this month, and please consider joining our mission in Stafford this year. Whether as a volunteer, donor, mentor, or any way you can think to use your gifts and talents for the good of students, veterans, and families in our community. We welcome you. We will be the change we want to see. Happy New Year, and we wish you all the best in 2019.”

Happy 2019!

Welcome to the G3CS monthly newsletter.  We are excited to have an opportunity to let you know all we have going on this month!

G3CS would like to wish you and your families a prosperous year in 2019!  We have been preparing for some time to get this year started.  Our EYM program is excited to expand with four more schools.  We will see you this Winter at Conway Elementary, Rocky Run Elementary,  Garrisonville Elementary, and Rockhill Elementary, and we will be returning to Hartwood Elementary School as well.  We are anxious to get underway, and we are looking for new Mentor Volunteers to add to our team.  Please use the link at the bottom to e-mail us and find out how!  We’ll also have news upcoming about our new intern, our 2019 financial campaign, and so much more!  Find out what’s going on and how you can be a art of it all…

Volunteer Spotlight:

Our EYM Sunday workshops would not be possible with out the tireless efforts of our mentor volunteers. Mentor volunteers help us a run one of a variety of different stations throughout our two hour workshops. Each workshop aims to present a new and unique experience introducing students to a number of STEAM associated activities and exercises. We’d like to introduce you to one of those mentor volunteers, Ms. Kristen Lloyd:

In 2016 Kristen met G3CS Founder, Vernon Green, when they served together in the youth group at the Stafford NAACP.  In January of 2018, Kristen began volunteering with G3CS’ Extraordinary Young Minds program, and she has been with us ever since.  Kristen is a well-rounded and creative mentor who brings interactive and artistic activities to each of our EYM Sunday workshops. “I’ve loved my involvement and seeing the returning faces every month. EYM provides a space for experiential and extracurricular learning and collaborative work for  children and teens from elementary thru high school. EYM introduces students to pursuits not normally covered in the secondary school curriculum such as building drones while also fostering an environment that teaches applicable life skills/lessons.   

What’s Coming Up?

Jan. 7th – EYM @HES

Jan. 9th – EYM @ GES/RHES

Jan.14th – EYM @HES

Jan. 16th – EYM @ GES/RHES

Jan.17th – EYM@CES

JANUARY 20th – Monthly EYM Workshop

JANUARY 21st – MLK Day (No School)

Jan. 22nd – EYM @HES

Jan. 23rd – EYM @ GES/RHES

Jan. 24th – EYM@CES

JANUARY 26th – The Bridge Program Meeting

Jan. 20th – EYM @HES                                 EYM @ GES/RHES

Jan. 31st – EYM@CES

Please Join Us:

We are always looking for committed quality volunteer mentors to join our team!  Join us in making a difference in our community!

For more information on volunteer opportunities and any of our programs contact us at info@g3cs.org …Email Us!