Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Innovation Pathways?

Answer: Innovation Pathways is a grant funded workforce development project supported by GO VA Region 6. With the generous support of GO Virginia, Stafford Schools, GCubed Inc., and G3 Community Services have partnered to launch Innovation Pathways, Workforce Development Project. The partnership between GCubed Inc, G3 Community Services and Stafford Schools aims to provide a continuous supply of qualified individuals entering “high demand” information technology, computer science and cyber related professions in Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and the King George region.

Question: Who is eligible to participate?

Answer: High school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors and teachers seeking an endorsement in IT living in GO VA region 6 which include the following:

  •  Caroline
  •  Essex
  •  Gloucester
  •  King and Queen 
  •  King George
  •  King William 
  •  Lancaster
  • Matthews
  • Middlesex
  • Northumberland
  • Richmond
  • Spotsylvania
  • Stafford 
  • Westmoreland

Question: How do I register? (high-school students)

Answer: High school students should register at ______________________. You will also need to have a legal guardian or parent complete the permission form. Teaf1

Question: How do I register? (teachers)

Answer: Please register at _______________________________________.

Question: How are the classes taught?

Answer: The classes are on demand with virtual instruction available during set hours.

Question: How long does it typically take to complete a course?

Answer: The needs of each learner vary drastically which is why we have provided an online course structure. Some students complete the course and certification in as few as __________ weeks.

Question: Can I really get a job with these certifications?

Answer: Earning these certifications will position you to enter the IT workforce. We strongly recommend taking advantage of internships and apprenticeship opportunities.

Question: How much does it cost to participate?

Answer: The cost for the courses, support materials and certifications are covered by a grant. There is not a cost to participants.

Question: What is the total value of the certifications?

Answer: If you were to take these classes on your own, the costs would be as follows:

  • ITF CertMaster Learn + ITF CertMaster Labs+ Exam voucher = $411.00 
  • A+ CertMaster Learn 1&2 + A+ CertMaster Labs 1&2 + Exam voucher + online instructor = $3,999.00
  • Network+ CertMaster Learn + Network+ CertMaster Labs+ Exam voucher + online instructor = $2,299.00
  • Security+ CertMaster Learn + Security+ CertMaster Labs+ Exam voucher + online instructor = $2,499.00

Question: Are CompTIA certifications competitive in IT fields?

Answer:  Yes

Question: If I am planning to pursue a technical programs, associates degree or 4 year degree, are the certifications still a good investment of time?

Answer: Yes, they are still a critical step in preparing yourself for a career in IT.