January 2021 Newsletter


To Restore, Inspire, and Empower the family unit through coaching, mentorship, and education;

Improving lives and strengthening communities. 

Welcome to the G3CS monthly newsletter.  We are excited to have an opportunity to share with you all we have going on this month!

Happy New Year from G3CS! The beginning of the year is always a mix a reflection and hope.  Thinking back on one of the hardest years in recent memory for so many in and around our community, we are also filled with hope at the prospect of a New Year.  We are hopeful that 2021 will bring peace, unity, and a whole new set of challenges to step up to.  We hope to be side by side with you throughout this new year. We are hoping to see a return to some of our foundational programs like EYM and EYM Sunday in 2021, and we’ll continue our partnerships with some amazing area people and businesses.  2020 made us all refocus and reimagine much of how our time and effort is spent.  We look forward to learning from those lessons, strengthening those relationships, and meeting the needs of our community.  We hope you’ll step up to the challenge as well; to make the community better, stronger, and more unified then ever before.

Happy New Year!

Remembering Dr. King!

We remain inspired by the words and deeds of Martin Luther King Jr.  As torch bearers of justice and equality, we remain solid in the spirit of inclusion and peace. The road to righteousness is seldom easy and it is often overgrown.  While we individually and collectively have forged our own paths away from our destination, we  can; and together we must, find our way back to the trails of forgiveness, progress, empathy, and love for one another.

Enjoy one of our STEAM videos from this month! Give it a try at home!

Parents be sure to help out, it could get messy!



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