Project Destiny – Army Chief Warrant Officer Shadows GCubed, Inc. CEO

In partnership with our for-profit partner, GCubed, Inc., the Project Destiny program is committed to training leaders to excel beyond their potential. Recently, Army Chief Warrant Officer (CW4), Siwa’tu B. Spikes, shadowed GCubed, Inc. Founder & CEO, Vernon Green, Jr.  CW4 Spikes shares his experience below:

 “Spending the day with Vernon Green Jr., Founder and CEO of GCubed, Inc. was incredible! Honestly, saying that may be understating how impressed I was to see how influential he has been in building his company in five short years. As the “light workday” unfolded, I quickly learned how impactful a small business run by a retired veteran with a vision can be in his community.

 I observed Vernon thoroughly prepare for a meeting with the Deputy Associates Executive Director of Strategic Acquisitions Center, a division of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The success of this meeting meant possible revenue generating business opportunities in the near future. Once we were in the meeting, I was amazed, and I became inspired. It was a remarkable sight to see Vernon demonstrate Selfless Service, a value we swore to uphold during our time in the Army together. This revenue generating meeting led to an additional potential opportunity for his non-profit, G3 Community Services, to partner with historically black colleges in the future. In our Army days, Vernon always gave back to the community and provided outreach to the youth. It is obvious that this still holds true.

 The day closed out with a notable meeting with a political strategist to discuss plans to better the community of Stafford as a whole. The influence that GCubed, Inc. has developed under Vernon’s leadership is something extraordinary! This is the culture and impact I will seek when I transition from the military. Vernon and his team are phenomenal examples of what a great company embodies. I now have the blueprint on how to model my career once I retire from the Army.”

Army Chief Warrant Officer (CW4), Siwa’tu B. Spikes